30 blog posts in 30 days!

Wow I have done it, met my goal of blogging everyday for 30 days!

How did I do it?

I did Google for some ideas after my second post and made a list of things I felt I could write about.

I set time aside everyday after my family had gone to bed. 

What have I learnt? 

That blogging everyday was fun!

I did not plan or schedule any post. All of them were thought about and planned each day.

I did enjoy thinking about what I would post about everyday during my drive home from work or running around on the weekends.

I actually learned quite a lot too while sharing things with you all on writing. 

Where to from here? 

I have neglected my WIP writing a little to ensure I do my blog posts. So I’m planning on posting two to three times a week instead of everyday.

I hope you have enjoyed my blog so far and I hope to continue to share things on everything to do with writing. I will also share snippets of my creative writing too.


Words to use instead of said in your writing!

I found this on pinrest a few weeks ago and thought it was a great list of words you can use instead of ‘said.’

Pinrest link: https://www.pinterest.com/pin/A31qbQAQwKYBFRnX43gAAAA/


Any words I’m missing? Comment below!  


We all have dreams and aspirations in life!

Mine is to one day be a successful author!

It is hard to keep focused at times when your life is so busy with your job, family and friends.

Today I found this wall hanging with the quote ‘Everyone who is successful must of dreamed of something’ in a little shop hanging up and knew I had to buy it.

It’s a reminder that success comes to those that have had a dream! 

What’s your dream in life? Comment below! 

Crows: short story

A short story written by me! Thought I’d share this with you today!


She heard them crowing, black crows were flowing above her while she walked on the sidewalk towards the milk bar. She was only ten years old and did not understand why they were swarming up above on this sunny January day. She looked above her and they flew in circles like something was not right.

She entered the milk bar and saw the little bald man Mr Garner behind the counter with his chewy tobacco hanging from his mouth. She grabbed the milk and bread her mother had sent her to get and she put them on the counter. He didn’t even say hello, as he always did he just said, ‘that will be four dollars.’ She handed him the money and left the store.

When she walked out the door she saw them again hovering above. Big ugly black crows. Her heart raced, and her gut felt like jelly, she was frightened. There were twelve of them, she stood still and counted. Her body tingled as one came straight down and sat in front of her. 

She stared at him and quickly looked around and asked ‘What do you want crow?’

He stayed on the ground and let out a loud ‘Bark,bark,bark’

It was as if it was talking to her, trying to tell her something. She looked at him oddly and decided to continue to make her way home. As she walked they followed from above with that same one staying close by her side.

She reached her street which had a little playground she played at with her friends. She noticed a man he was tall with dark hair and was wearing a long black waistcoat. The crows flew towards him and she watched as they all swooped down on the ground around him. He saw her watching and turned around. Before she knew it they had all flown into his big black coat and disappeared. She ran the five houses down the block to her own and couldn’t believe what she had seen. She was frightened, scared and her face turned a pasty white. 

She put the items away in the kitchen and heard her mother and brother in the other room laughing. She raced to her room and closed the door. She was in shock absolute horror.

She pinched herself to see if it hurt, she didn’t feel a thing, her body was also in shock.

‘Emma’ her mother called.

‘Emma, Are you back from the shops?’ she called out again.

Emma thought she better quickly respond ‘Yes mum, I’m here in my room.’

She sat on her bed and realised that she better quickly get the memory of what she had just seen out of her mind. She grabbed her iPod and stuck the headphones in her ears and pumped up the sound.

Tips for writers on getting published! 

  So how do you get published? 

What are the things publishers looks for when they read your manuscript?

  1. Good writing, no errors! 
  2. Great story telling in the genre you are writing.
  3. Is it marketable? At the end of the day it can be great writing and a good story but can they sell your book?

Let me share some quotes I’ve found from Writers Victoria website.

“Be able to distill the essence of your work so that it connects with others,” says WV tutor Erina Reddan.

“The best way to get published is to write extraordinary writing,” says WV tutor and Inkerman & Blunt publisher Donna Ward.

As the synopsis is the first example of your writing an agent, editor or publisher sees, it’s vital to get it right – if they don’t like your synopsis they might not bother to read your sample chapters says manuscript assessor Clare Allan-Kamil

“It takes one person to write a book, a publisher to have faith in that book, and a whole team to bring it into the world,” says WV tutor Donna Ward from Inkerman & Blunt.

This weblink explains the publishing process simply. I’ve summarised it below. https://www.scribendi.com/advice/navigating_publishing_process.en.html

Four things on publishing a book: editing, submission, publishing & sales & marketing.


: make sure your manuscript has no errors! It’s polished and ready to submit. 

Submission: make sure it’s as per publishers set guidelines. Ensure you have spent time on your submission letter and synopsis.

Publishing: choosing a publisher that is right for your manuscript. Be careful with publishers that want you to put money up! 

Sales & marketing: after you are published comes the hard work of selling your book! Through social media, book signings and anything else your publisher requires. 

Twitter users you need to follow as a writer! 

 Thought I’d share some users I follow on Twitter! 

My favourite on Twitter!










You should also do some basic searches on writing with hashtags.

These are the main three I always put in my tweets or search! 

#writing #amwriting #writingtips 

Short story: The meaning of life! 


A short story written by me last year. 

This was inspired after a talk was given at work last year by a very good presenter. I have shared this with them too.

The meaning of life – by m.moxon. 13.6.14

He spoke of what the meaning of life meant to him to the room full of people. What are these to you? Family? Friends? Love? 

Do you know what these are for me? He said with a sly smirk. They are the three things that give me the drive to live. They are the things that make me who I am. 

First is to laugh. We always need to have fun he said. Without laughter life would be a bore. We need to be happy. It is important that you are not resentful of the life you live. The choices we make help us to decide on our happiness. The audience looked up, he had their attention. 

Number two is to cry. Yes to cry he said. A girl in the crowd looked over and wondered as he looked her straight in the eye as he said these words that her troubled soul had cried many nights herself to sleep. The man then said we need to cry to feel emotions, happy or sad. This helps us to feel our souls emotions. 

The third thing is to be yourself. Never try and be someone you are not. Be authentic even if people don’t like it. You will not be content if you are not true to yourself.

The important thing here is that these are my three things which are the meaning of life to me. Everyone has their own things that are the most important things to them. 

A boy looked up from the crowd and put his hand up. The man looked over and pointed to the boy. Sir I’d like to ask why you think their aren’t more than three things that are the meaning of life. 

The man looked over and said ‘some people only might have one thing’ but I have three, you might have two. The audience listened to the mans response and were confused. 

He sensed the confusion in the air. People the reason I am telling you this is because the meaning of life is not love, money, career or things that always come and go throughout your life. These things can be there one day and gone the next. The answer for you is what is it that moves your soul? What is it that is free from your heart? 

For me it’s laughter, tears and authenticity. The lesson here is to make sure that your life is full of those things that are important to you. As it makes you the person you are.