Making time to write!

On the weekend I was at my daughter’s Taekwondo class when I happened to chat to a published author about my writing schedule. I am planning on doing a post on his works in my next blog post.

He began asking me questions on when I actually did my writing. I was honest in saying that I didn’t really have a strict schedule.

He quickly reminded me that I needed to make time every day. That he had three time slots he wrote every day, at 5am before he went to work, for 15 minutes at lunchtime while at work and then another hour at night. He then began showing me his daily word counts in a spreadsheet that had all his word counts planned for the upcoming twelve months and what he was achieving.

So this week I decided I would take the plunge and awake at 5am, an hour earlier than I usually do every day. I can’t believe that in three days I have already written 4,000 words.

The method he is using is sprinting.

What is sprinting? It is ensuring you have a rough plan on what you are going to write and then writing as quickly as possible with a timer.

I found a great book and app I can use on my phone to sprint.



What is your writing schedule? 

Do you sprint? 




Fear of writing!

It’s been a while since I have blogged a post! My reason behind this is that I have been very slack with my writing!


Fear of failure has been part of the reason. I think every writer goes through these doubts at times. 

How do I get over this fear?

Obviously I need to write.

Some things that may help me are the following:

1. Stop trying to be a perfectionist 

2. Make time to write everyday 

3. Get over my fear of failure, rejection! 

Here are some quotes I found helpful: